Manufactured drugs deliver many benefits. However, these products also carry the potential for harm in the form of unintended side effects that can cause serious injury and, possibly, death. Your or your loved one’s injury from a prescription drug or another controlled substance could create liability to the manufacturer and others. This liability could entitle you to compensation for the damages from your injuries, and our West Palm Beach dangerous drugs lawyers could help pursue a potential claim. Reach out to our personal injury attorneys to discuss a data-driven approach to your lawsuit.

What Are Dangerous Drugs?

Dangerous drugs are medications, prescriptions, and other controlled substances that could cause serious harm to those who consume them. You can find a list of these controlled substances in the schedules of Florida Statutes § 893.03. The potential for harm from a dangerous drug could be known at the time of its prescription or could be an unknown effect discovered years later. When taken, dangerous drugs can cause injury through their impact on your organs, the onset of other medical conditions, or fatality.

Who Could Be Liable for Injury?

Injury from a dangerous drug could belong to several different parties throughout its chain of supply, beginning with the manufacturer or designer. Liability could also belong to the suppliers that distribute the drug to medical professionals and the doctors or pharmacists who are negligent in their prescription of the drug to a patient. The patient could also share in the liability if they take the drug outside of its directed use. For example, taking a dangerous drug in combination with other medications or taking too much of the drug within a certain period.

An attorney in West Pam Beach could determine who is at fault for the dangerous drug and hold them accountable for a person’s losses.

How a Dangerous Drug Lawsuit Works

Dangerous drug lawsuits are often based on negligence under claims of product liability, breach of warranty, and medical malpractice. Some of the reasons that another party may have liability for their manufacture or prescription of a dangerous drug that causes injury to another could include the following types of misconduct:

  • A lack of testing for dangerous side-effects
  • Manufacturing or design errors
  • Failure to warn consumers about dangerous effects
  • Negligent prescribing of medication through a misdiagnosis or a failure to consider the patient’s comprehensive medical history
  • Not providing enough detailed directions for the safe use of the drug
  • Misrepresentations to the FDA about the drug’s benefits and risks

After experiencing injury from a dangerous drug, it is important to keep related information and other materials about the prescription. This could include pill bottles, directions, marketing pamphlets or brochures, and other items. A person may also consider collecting information about the doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare facilities responsible for giving them the dangerous drug. This information could help a lawyer in West Palm Beach build a successful dangerous drugs claim.

Get Help From a West Palm Beach Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Meeting with a West Palm Beach dangerous drugs lawyer could be beneficial in better understanding the potential claims available, including the nature of compensable damages. Those injured by a dangerous drug may be able to recover compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and their lost earnings from being unable to work.

It is important to meet with a dangerous drug lawyer as soon as possible after becoming aware of a related injury. Florida has strict statute of limitations on civil claims for injuries that could vary based on the type of claim related to the use of a dangerous drug. For example, claims of product liability have a four-year filing deadline, while claims of medical malpractice or wrongful death have a shorter two-year deadline. Our attorneys could identify potential claims and their corresponding filing requirements.

With dangerous drug cases, we understand you and your family may face unique challenges and needs compared to other claims. We aim to deliver efficient management of our clients’ cases using available technology and data to achieve better results, including through the negotiation of settlements. We know the data and can get you the results you need to recover comfortably. Contact our team to learn more about filing a lawsuit.