Palm Beach Gardens is a city located northeast of West Palm Beach. It was incorporated into the municipalities of Palm Beach County in 1959.

Palm Beach Gardens is known as a Signature City that “celebrates life by fostering an excellent environment” and also serves as the national headquarters of Professional Golfer’s Association of America. The famous Florida beaches bring tourists and new residents every day. With that, they also bring more traffic and accidents, leaving approximately 12,488 residents of Palm Beach County injured annually.

Our Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawyers know exactly how disruptive and frustrating a car crash could be and the devastating harm it can cause to the people involved. Car accidents happen unexpectedly and are very costly most of the time. Aside from the expenses to properties damaged by the car accident, there are other costs anticipated from injuries sustained during the crash, such as broken bones, head injuries, cuts from the impact or broken glass, and injuries sustained from the deployment of airbags. A personal injury attorney could help you secure compensation for these injuries and other losses.

Car Crash Injuries

As confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are the greatest cause of spinal cord injuries. These injuries can cause life-changing effects, such as respiratory problems, paralysis, and serious neurological damage. Another more severe injury caused by car accidents is brain damage. As we know, brain damage can change a person’s personality and take away the ability to speak or understand what people are saying.

Should I Still See a Doctor if I Feel Fine?

Even if you do not believe that you are injured after a car accident, it is still very important to seek medical help because some injuries that occur during car accidents may not be noticeable right away. Naturally, car accidents can be costly in both the short and long term, which is something a car accident lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens could assist with—pursuing compensation for any costs resulting from the accident.

Who Will Deal With the Legalities While I Recover?

After an accident, you must focus on recovering your health—not dealing with the confusing terminology of insurance policies. Our lawyers are experienced and can help you with those concerns. They can handle the negotiations with your insurance companies.

How Do I Know if I Have an Injury Case?

When it comes to legal matters after a car accident in Palm Beach Gardens, your first step is to contact a lawyer in the area. It is important to keep in mind that every injury case is unique, and most of them are complex. After some discussion, an attorney can determine your legal options and whether you have a case worth pursuing. Regardless of the situation, you still need to consult with a qualified lawyer on how to best handle your case.

How is a Responsible Party Determined?

Most car accidents occur due to negligence of one or more drivers on the road. Negligence is when a driver fails to act with reasonable care, and it results in harming another person. We are all aware that careless drivers, not to mention drunk ones, can change lives due to their irresponsibility. That said, as car accident lawyers, we believe that speeding motorists, drunk drivers, and those who drive distracted in Palm Beach Gardens and put people in serious harm should be responsible for their disruptive actions.

To do that, you need a firm that has the resources needed to investigate accidents that leave people injured, can gather evidence needed in building a strong case, and will be working tirelessly to get you the maximum damages you deserve for all the pain you have endured.

If the Car Was Acting Up, Who Would Be Responsible for the Damages?

Some accidents are due to faulty equipment or car parts. In such cases, a skilled car accident lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens can help you explore another option—a claim targeting a vehicle’s manufacturer, rather than the specific party involved in the car crash.

What Do Damages Include?

After looking at your car accident case and discussing your legal options, one of the areas that your lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens will look at is the damage. The amount you may receive depends on the severity of the injuries caused and the financial losses. As previously mentioned, every case is unique.

State Car Wreck Laws

When your injury was due to the negligent or wrongful actions of another, then you might be entitled to damages or compensation under state law. Florida is under a system of pure comparative negligence law when it comes to determining the fault and responsibility of a person involved in a car crash. This means that the awarding of damages is determined and impacted by how comparatively responsible and at fault the plaintiff is.

For example: If an involved party sues another party for being the cause of the car accident, and it is later determined that the suing party is at fault by 40 percent for that accident, then the damage award they would be receiving will be decreased by 40 percent as well.

Call a Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Attorney

If you have endured serious injuries due to a motor vehicle accident, you should choose attorneys who are known for aggressive representation. You need a representative that will put your interests as their top priority—someone who will fight hard to protect your rights. You should have a lawyer who will secure monetary damages that you need in order to attend to your medical care and compensate for your lost income. The Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawyer at Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh are experienced trial attorneys, with thousands of cases under their belts. We strive to maximize recovery for our clients, and you can click here to read about our clients’ experiences. With your future on the line, not to mention your loved ones who depend on you, make sure to choose an attorney that you can count on when it comes to professionalism and skills. Most importantly, choose someone Palm Beach Gardens residents trust. Contact our firm today.