No matter what charge you may be facing, you’re very likely going through a stressful, confusing time. You might have been arrested with a relatively small amount of marijuana, or you could be looking at a lifetime in prison because you’re accused of trafficking several pounds of cocaine. Not only are you looking at serious prison time. You could also lose everything you own if you’re convicted. The stakes are high, regardless of the situation, you find yourself in. You’re going to need the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer in order to have the best possible chance of either having your penalties reduced or having your case dropped entirely.

At Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh, we have the skill and experience and a long track record of success as well. While we will never make any promises, we can guarantee we’ll provide passionate representation and work hard to help you achieve the best possible result.

Who Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Anyone who has been charged with a crime should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney can provide legal representation and advice to help protect your rights and defend against the charges.

Even if you believe you’re innocent or that the evidence against you is weak, it’s important to have legal representation. The criminal justice system can be complex, and navigating it without an attorney can be difficult and risky. An attorney can help you understand the charges against you, the potential consequences, and your options for defense.

If you’re facing criminal charges, you’ll really need to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and determine the best course of action. These are just some of the many reasons why.

Speaking on Your Behalf

If you’re looking at a particularly serious charge, such as domestic abuse, you’ll simply have to have the help of a seasoned legal advocate who can speak on your behalf.

An attorney is trained to protect your rights and ensure that you’re treated fairly throughout the legal process. They can help you understand your options and advocate for your interests. Lawyers can also represent you in court and present your defense to the judge and jury. They can make opening and closing statements, question witnesses, and present evidence on your behalf.

It’s critically important you have a clear understanding of the potential penalties you face. You might not think that a theft charge, or a burglary charge, will be that big of a deal. But you’d be wrong – the time you spend in jail could cost you your job and much more. An experienced attorney will make sure you know exactly what’s on the line.

Reviewing Due Process

A criminal defense attorney can also review the due process rights of a defendant to ensure that they are being protected throughout the legal process. Due process is a legal principle that requires the government to follow certain procedures when depriving a person of their life, liberty, or property.

Your lawyer can examine the procedures that were followed in the case to ensure that they are fair and consistent with the law. They can also challenge any laws or procedures that they believe are unfair or violate your due process rights.

Suppose you were arrested and charged with a DUI. Your due process rights may have been violated in some way. Your lawyer will look at every component of your arrest, checking for any violations that may have occurred. This could possibly lead to your charges being dropped.

Due process rights play a critical role in ensuring that the legal process is fair and just. If yours have been violated, it can have serious consequences for your case and your future.

Negotiating Charges and Pleas

What if you’ve been charged with sexual assault or embezzling millions of dollars from your employer? Being found guilty of either could result in decades in prison. You could even face the prospect of spending the rest of your life behind bars.

But that doesn’t have to happen. Your attorney can negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf to try to reach a plea deal or to have charges reduced or dropped. They can also advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of any plea offers and help you make an informed decision.

Expungements and Pardons

If you have a record of a previous arrest, a skilled lawyer may be able to have it expunged. This is a legal process that allows a person to have their criminal record sealed or erased.

This means that the record will not be accessible to the public and will not show up on background checks. In order to qualify for an expungement, certain criteria must be met, such as the completion of probation and the payment of any fines or restitution. A criminal defense attorney will be able to tell you if you’re eligible for an expungement and assist with the process of obtaining one if that’s the case..

Another way you can shed the burden of a previous conviction is through a pardon. This is a formal act of forgiveness granted by the government that can restore certain rights and privileges to a person who has been convicted of a crime.

Pardons are typically granted for serious crimes, such as felonies, and are granted at the discretion of the government. Your legal representative will tell you if you qualify and help you work to obtain a pardon if you do.

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