Palm Beach County saw the fatal effects of two major road accidents this week. Both accidents took place Monday afternoon and authorities were busy on the scene. The first accident claimed the life of 30-year-old motorcyclist, Jacob Ward. A little after 3:00 PM, Ward was travelling on Okeechobee Boulevard in the center lane when he crashed into a BMW that was attempting a left turn. Ward collided into the passenger side of the BMW, and the impact sent him flying from his motorcycle. The accident took place in front of Lowe’s and to the west of Military Trail. The driver of the BMW was not injured, but Ward died at the scene and his motorcycle was broken into multiple pieces.

The second accident happened in the West Boca Raton area near Gatehouse Drive and Yamato Road. Not much additional information was released regarding this accident this week, but it was confirmed that at least one life was lost. This crash took place about an hour after the previously mentioned collision.


Unfortunately, they are very common. In 2019, over 3,000 fatalities happened because of car accidents in the state of Florida. These statistics explain why Florida continues to be one of the top states in the nation to lose lives in this way.


Motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents by the amount of protection provided by the vehicle. In a car, truck, or van, the driver and any passengers are better protected because they are physically covered by the vehicle itself. Motorcyclists are only protected by whatever protective gear they are wearing at the time of the accident. This lack of protection for motorcyclists is why there is about a 10% fatality rate in a car and a 61% fatality rate on a motorcycle.


  • The insurance adjuster isn’t your friend.

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  • The lure of fast money can influence people to settle too quickly for not enough.

Settle agreements can be tricky but insurance companies are very good at talking victims into accepting them. Unfortunately, the agreements tend to yield a sum that is lower than what the involved party owed. It is crucial to get a lawyer immediately following a car accident you didn’t cause because he or she will become your best defense against insurance companies.

  • Personal mistakes can be costly both short-term and long-term. 

People want to cut corners and try to handle their legal matters on their own to save money. However, you could easily mistake legal jargon or overlook a clause without a skilled attorney on your side. Before you know it, you’ve signed an agreement you never would have signed had you understood what was going on in its entirety. Now is the time to make sure you have the right people on your side.


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