Technology has changed the look and pace of most of our world. We have seen a gradual transition from paper processing to computer usage, and then again from computer usage to cell phone reliance. Most young adults today have never known a life without a cell phone. Economically, we have even seen a shift in households prioritizing cell phones over computers. Some families who are struggling to make ends meet are more likely to have some kind of cell phone in the household that provides the only source of internet connection. This choice tends to be a more economical option than buying a new computer or laptop. Why spend good money on a computer when you can pay less for a cell phone that provides internet, texting, and voice calls? As the needs of a household shift to reflect the use of technology, the world around it complies. The law offices of Keller, Melchiorre, and Walsh understand this culture shift and have steadily adapted its use of technology to reflect the needs of today. With the help of programs like Filevine, Office 365, and Zoom, our office is able to cut client costs by going completely paperless.

What is Filevine?

Filevine is a case management program that allows each firm to cater the software to its needs and clients. Not only does this program organize case details, but it also records every email and text message sent from a client. Additionally, every team member associated with the program has the access to respond to client emails and text messages through the software, which can be very useful in providing quick feedback at all hours of the day. Filevine makes it easy for us to make and track deadlines to our jurisdiction. With this program, we can also quickly calculate possible settlement options and analyze all data regarding your case.

How Do You Implement Office 365?

The attorneys and staff at Keller, Melchiorre, and Walsh implement Office 365 with Microsoft Teams to better communicate with each other and with our clients. Office 365 is a line of subscription services that gives one access to different professional service programs like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In addition to these, Office 365 offers Lync web conferencing and Exchange Outlook email services for businesses. With this software line, we are able to communicate with each other and with our clients in a variety of ways. Our office takes pride in being technologically fluent with multiple platforms so that we are not limited to only one method of online communication with the world. We understand that a variety of clients means a variety of needs, and we aim to meet each one professionally.

How Do You Use Zoom?

Zoom has become wildly popular over the spring of this year as many professionals scramble to find new ways to continue working in a safe environment. Zoom is a platform for video conferencing online. Our staff uses this software for mediations, depositions, and hearings. We are able to host multiple people at once, and we can easily schedule and invite clients to meetings with just a few clicks. Each caller on the meeting has the opportunity to use or mute his or her audio, and you even have the option to turn off your video. This kind of video conferencing is particularly useful during our current pandemic climate. For our clients with young children, this option is helpful because it allows an individual to attend a meeting without having to schedule childcare at the last minute.

The Right Technology Gives Your Lawyer an Edge

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the lawyers at Keller, Melchiorre, and Walsh use cutting edge technology to keep each other accountable. With programs that encourage shared documents and open communication, you can trust that we hold each other accountable because we are all up-to-date with our clients’ needs. The increased visibility provided to our staff also comes with increased security, which benefits all of our clients. Overall, we are able to simply be more productive with the correct use of technology. When it comes time to pick a lawyer for whatever reason you have, be sure to consider the firm’s use of technology. Of course, there is nostalgic charm with law offices that prefer a more traditional practice with pen and paper, but you need to consider the technology that could be used against you in a court case. If your current lawyer’s use of technology does not match your competition, give us a call or visit us online today at Keller, Melchiorre, and Walsh to set up a video consultation to discuss your needs. Old school charm is nice, but an updated firm is what you need to compete in today’s society. Contact us today, and let us take care of the rest.