If you are a boat owner, you might consider getting insurance for damage that could be done to your property. You might anticipate cracked hulls, dock damage, or water damage on board. But, what happens when your boat sinks in the middle of a parade? That’s what happened to a few unfortunate individuals in Texas last weekend. On Saturday, September 5, supporters of Donald Trump joined together at a boating event near Austin, Texas. The weather was ideal for the boat parade that had been organized as a way to celebrate and support the president. Everything was fine until the boats started moving together, which increased waves in the water and created turbulence that overwhelmed the vessels.

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office reported a total of 15 distress calls soon after the event began. The calls ran the gamut of boating emergencies: boats sinking, capsized boats, boats taking on water, and stalled engines. In a surprising turn of events, five boats sank that day but three of them have since been recovered. Luckily, there were no physical injuries and no reports of foul play, though local firefighters did have to pull several people out of the water. The event at Lake Travis included all kinds of boat sizes. With boats ranging from eight to sixty feet long, the water quickly became choppy. Initially, the plan was for all boats to circle around the lake at about ten miles per hour. The entire parade would have covered a distance of roughly 15 miles. However, those participating did not get too far into the parade route before things went awry. The event has been referred to as the “first multi-vessel, multi-incident water rescue” that was not caused by a collision. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time a boat has sunk during a boat parade. The same thing happened just last month in Oregon, but only one boat sank during this event.


If you own a boat, you absolutely need insurance. Boating insurance should cover damage to multiple types of boats like recreational boats, houseboats, fishing vessels, and luxury boats. Make sure you have the right insurance policy that can protect you in the event of:

  • Hurricane damage: Storm damage can be devastating whether you are on your boat or have it docked. Have a professional inspect the damage to make sure your insurance claim is complete.
  • Sinking: It does not take much for sea levels to rise. Be careful with smaller boats because they take on water very easily and quickly.
  • Collisions: Wrecking your boat into any object is enough to rattle even the most seasoned boating enthusiast. Never assume it cannot happen to you.
  • Cracked hulls: A cracked hole can be one of the biggest money pits you can experience as a boat owner.
  • Dock damage: This tends to happen during intense storms. Hurricanes are known to cause extensive damage to docks.
  • Beached damage: A storm can throw a boat from the water back on to the shore. It can cause severe damage to the hulls or keels of the boat.


If your boat insurance claim is unreasonably denied, contact the offices of Keller Melchiorre & Walsh today. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to uphold their half of the agreement made when you took on their policy. This responsibility includes taking your claim seriously, sending out a professional to inspect the damage, and then comparing the damage to the stipulations of your policy. If you feel that your insurance company is taking advantage of you or is refusing to pay what you are owed, contact a trusted lawyer today to get the compensation you deserve.

You pay monthly into this insurance policy with the sole purpose of being able to fall back on it when times get tough. In the event of a boating emergency, we can all agree that this would be considered a tough time. If your insurance company is dragging their feet or is refusing to uphold their end of the deal, contact us today. After a quick consultation, we can get you started on the right path by analyzing the details of your policy. Then, we can help you find an inspector of your own to fully inspect the damage done to your boat. Remember that you have every right to have your own inspection done and that you do not have to let the insurance company’s inspection be the last word. From there, we will work diligently with you to build your case with evidence provided from you, your policy, and any inspections of the boat.

What should be a carefree experience is not always so simple. Unexpected emergencies can happen, just like the boating parade in Texas last weekend. Contact us today if you or a loved one are now struggling with an insurance company to meet your boating insurance claim.