Residents in Florida are no stranger to heat or the many ways one can cool off at home. In addition to using the air conditioning inside your house, you probably also run your ceiling fans in each room. Some people even sleep better when they are able to turn on a ceiling fan. But, for some unlucky consumers, they might be getting a very rude awakening when the blades of the ceiling fan start flying off in the middle of the homeowner’s sleep. This week, Florida-based distributor King of Fans recalled one of its ceiling fans after two consumers were injured from this exact scenario and many others experienced property damage.


The ceiling fans in question are the Hampton Bay 54-inch Mara Indoor/Outdoor fans that were made by King of Fans but sold at Home Depot. CBS News reported that about 182,000 of the fans were available in the U.S. and another 8,800 were available in Canada. The sales took place between the months of April 2020 and October 2020, and the fans were sold at about $150 each. At this time, it is believed that about 80,000 fans were sold to consumers during this period.

If you think you have one of these fans, you can check the following finish options and universal product codes to see if your fan is affected:

  • matte white (UPC No. 082392519186)
  • matte black (UPC No. 082392519193)
  • black (UPC No. 082392599195)
  • polished nickel (UPC No. 082392599188)

The UPC code can be found on the silver rating label that is on the top of your fan. Additionally, other identifiers for the affected fans include a remote control and an LED light that can change colors.


King of Fans issued an official letter to consumers regarding the recall. In the document, they explain the malfunction in the following way:

“The Hampton Bay 54 in. Mara Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fans are being voluntarily recalled in

cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada. There have been consumer reports that the fan blades on the Hampton Bay 54 in. Mara Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan may detach due to an isolated manufacturing defect with the assembly of the fan blade’s locking clip to the fan flywheel, where one of the two screws retaining the locking clip is not adequately secured to the flywheel. If this occurs, the blade may detach from the fan during use, posing an injury hazard.”

Injuries have not been specified for the two people who were hurt from the ceiling fans, but there have been multiple reports of property damage. So far, 47 people have reported blades flying off from the fans while they are in motion. These numbers are expected to rise as awareness spreads to unsuspecting consumers.


The first thing you should do is carefully read over the official recall statement released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). It suggests that you immediately stop using your fan once you identify it as one of the recalled products. Then, you should do a careful inspection of the fan to see if it is faulty in the way it is described in the report. The statement reads, “If consumers observe blade movement or uneven gaps between the blades and fan body or movement of the clip during inspection, consumers should immediately contact King of Fans for a free replacement ceiling fan.”

It can be confusing to check a product’s stability on your own, especially if you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with examining a product like this. To give additional support to those who feel this way, King of Fans created a video to walk you through the process of checking your ceiling fan.

If you or a loved one have experienced an injury due to this ceiling fan malfunction, then you should contact a trusted lawyer immediately. Do not waste time in seeking legal support. This also includes any property damage you may have endured. The longer you wait, the more bills you may accrue as time passes. You may need compensation to pay for medical bills, insurance, loss of wages, and therapy. All of this adds up so quickly in addition to missing out on work while you recover. Take a quick minute to contact us at Keller Melchiorre & Walsh today to set up a consultation to discuss your needs. By letting a legal professional take the reins on your case, you free yourself up to focus on your recovery and wellbeing. This may be your first injury, but this is not your lawyer’s first product liability case. Give us a call today so that we can get you on the right road to compensation and recovery.