Spinal cord injuries may not always lead to paralysis. You may experience headaches, dizziness, or tingling in your limbs, although you could also lose mobility and bladder or bowel function. The wide-ranging symptoms, treatments, and outcomes increase the need for a comprehensive diagnosis because your prognosis will affect how much compensation you will need from the party who caused your injuries.

The physical injuries you suffer in a spinal cord damage accident are compounded by the emotional, mental, and social side effects you will also face. All these losses are compensable. Our catastrophic injury attorneys leave nothing to chance when determining what you need from a settlement agreement or damages award to live comfortably. Our data-driven law firm gathers the same information the insurance company gathers when they try to coerce you into a small settlement. A West Palm Beach spinal cord injury lawyer uses gathered data to get you an exceptional settlement.

What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries depend on where the injury occurs and its severity, from a bruise to a severing. The spinal cord is the body’s communications system, sending signals commanding the rest of the body. The attending medical team will determine the neurological level of the injury, which is the lowest section of the cord that remains uninjured after the blow or accident. Medical professionals also determine the injury’s completeness, in which the person feels no sensations and paralysis is the reality or feels some sensations and may have some movement below the injury site. A spinal cord injury lawyer in West Palm Beach could access the internal and external documentation that will show how much compensation a patient will need to cover the losses in a particular situation.

Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury

The more complete a spinal cord injury is, the more money a patient will need to conduct their life in dignity and without fear of running out of money. A person deserves lifelong medical care related to the injury and replacement for wages, as well as compensation for emotional trauma and mental and psychological anguish from being less than the fit and healthy person they once were. Compensation also includes any retrofitting to a patient’s home and transportation.

Insurance companies have access to data that reveals how much other spinal cord injury patients have received in settlements and court awards. Our West Plam Beach attorneys also arm themselves with those numbers before negotiating with insurers more interested in profits for their shareholders than payouts to spinal cord injury patients. When adjusters try to skew the numbers to suit them, we present the numbers in the most beneficial way for our clients.

Evidence for Spine Damage in the Court System

A plaintiff must prove the defendant acted negligently before an insurer will issue a settlement or a jury a damages award. Negligence is a condition in which a person with a duty to behave reasonably did not, causing the spinal cord injury to the other person. Typically, negligence can occur when a person drinking and driving hits another, attacks someone with a weapon, starts a fight, or pushes someone who falls a great distance.

Our spine damage lawyers in West Palm Beach leverage data to study other court cases, including motions and verdicts throughout Florida, gleaned from our repository but also many third-party sources. For instance, a plaintiff whose injuries are complete will need more compensation over a lifetime than one whose injuries are incomplete. The KMW difference assures clients that settlements, litigation preparation, and outcomes are based on real numbers, not on catchy slogans or one attorney’s limited experience.

A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Offers a Fresh Take on Litigation

When someone else caused your spinal cord injury, we approach negotiations with insurers and litigation before a jury with data-driven information that bolsters your position and is the progressive way to get exceptional results.

Come talk to us. Your initial consultation is free. We want to hear your story and discuss how we could help you. A West Palm Beach spinal cord injury lawyer could secure a solid and substantial settlement result.