When you experience a paralyzing injury because of someone else’s sub-standard behavior, you are entitled to compensation. The amount you receive considers the severity of your paralysis, whether you can work in the future, and the emotional trauma you suffered.

While many law firms calculate these amounts based on personal experience with past cases, our catastrophic injury attorneys employ progressive, data-driven technology to ensure all aspects of your case are backed up. Insurance companies know their numbers and will try to lowball you with an amount favorable to them since they operate for profit. Our West Palm Beach paralysis lawyers thoroughly understand how to leverage data to get exceptional results.

Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis occurs when the spinal cord is damaged or severed. Nerves cannot communicate with muscles below the damage. When the patient feels no sensations, the paralysis is complete, and when some movement is possible, the injury is incomplete. Degrees of paralysis include:

  • Diplegia: both arms or both legs
  • Hemiplegia: one side of the body
  • Monoplegia: one arm or leg
  • Paraplegia: lower body
  • Quadriplegia: torso and limbs below the neck

Insurance companies use data to determine what a claim is worth but may be disingenuous when offering a settlement based on data. We craft a data-driven case to interpret court dockets that can predict how successful a motion we file might be or how likely the judge is to rule on a motion beneficial to our client. Our paralysis attorneys in West Palm Beach also use data to scrutinize the evidence we compile and the relevance it will have in getting the best settlement in insurance negotiations or compensation at a civil trial. Data-driven results are the KWM difference.

Causes of Paralysis Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of paralyzing injuries, with many linked to unlawful alcohol consumption, an act of negligence or recklessness.

Driving drunk is a breach of the duty motorists have to others to drive safely. Under the doctrine of negligence per se, the plaintiff can rely on the ticket to prove duty and breach and must only prove the drunk driver caused the accident and injuries.

Paralysis also occurs at the hands of others in criminal attacks, medical malpractice, push and falls, and recreational activities, such as boating accidents. An attorney in West Palm Beach could determine the cause of paralysis and hold those negligent accountable.

Compensation After a Negligent Paralysis Injury

The KMW difference includes leveraging technology for efficiency to plot a case and calculate compensation. We determine from a wide range of data how much a paralyzed person needs for extended medical care, such as rehabilitation, home care, retrofitting their home and van, and the emotional trauma they experience after their life changes from full mobility to less or none. With a KMW paralysis injury lawyer in West Palm Beach, a person will not be shortchanged by haphazardly determined compensation because our numbers leave nothing to chance.

A West Palm Beach Paralysis Injury Attorney Gets Exceptional Results

Life changes the moment you are injured in a paralyzing accident, but it does not need to devolve into a chaotic battle with insurance companies and lawyers who work off gut feelings. Our client-centered firm listens to you and discusses every aspect of the data-driven approach we take when negotiating with insurers or making your case before a jury.

We will harness empirical data and make it work for you. To learn more about how a data-driven firm can deliver exceptional results in your case, contact a West Palm Beach paralysis injury lawyer to schedule your free consultation.