Severe burns across your body cause a life-threatening emergency that could take years of medical care to stabilize. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, acting as a waterproof shield to help regulate your temperature and keep bacteria from invading your body.

Your physical recovery is compounded by your need to recover emotionally, knowing your wellness journey will include a lot of pain and possible disfigurement. When someone’s negligent or reckless acts caused your excruciating injuries, a West Palm Beach burn injury lawyer is ready to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies or file a lawsuit for compensation. Contact a catastrophic injury attorney at KMW Legal to get the results you deserve.

Burn Injuries Caused by Others

Humans instinctively recoil when excessive heat contacts their skin. The inability to pull back means the more damaged the skin is, the less regenerative power it has. Common burn injuries caused by others include:

  • A drunk driver smashes into another motorist whose car bursts into flames
  • A careless electrician crosses wires while repairing a home’s electric panel, causing the house to catch fire
  • A careless camper fails to extinguish a campfire, which spreads, trapping and injuring hikers
  • An employee mishandling a flammable chemical at work starts a fire, injuring several co-workers

Our firm relies on data to interpret how to handle a case efficiently to produce exceptional results. Data can be leveraged to research outcomes for similar burn cases and keep us aware of relevant new legislation and current court decisions. A burn injury attorney in West Palm Beach uses data cultivated from a variety of sources to build a provable case.

How Burn Injuries Are Linked to Negligence

A plaintiff in an injury lawsuit must prove the defendant meets the elements of negligence. Negligence is based on what a reasonable person would do according to society’s laws and expectations. A defendant has a duty to behave like this reasonable person, and when behavior slips below that threshold, the duty is breached. When the defendant’s breach causes injuries to the plaintiff that could reasonably be anticipated, negligence is established. A lawyer in West Palm Beach could establish negligence for a burn injury case.

Burn Injury Insurance Negotiations and Settlements

In negotiating for a burn injury settlement with insurance companies, our West Palm Beach attorneys know that adjusters have data-driven numbers concerning the type of accident and injuries a person suffers. We have those numbers, too. While insurers will argue to settle at the low end of the scale, we provide data that supports the most generous settlements. Experience the KMW difference where settlement amounts are data-driven.

Jury Compensation Awards for Burn Claims

Juries award damages to put an injured person as close to the position they were in before the injuries as possible. Some awards are objective, such as for medical bills and lost wages, and some are calculations based on emotions, such as how much it is worth to live with disfigurement. A burn injury lawyer in Wes Palm Beach bases a data-driven request for non-economic damages on cumulative information about similar awards. Our approach ensures a wide range of similar decisions positively inform juries about the people we pledge to help.

A West Palm Beach Burn Injury Attorney Puts Data to Work for You

Severe burn injuries are catastrophic, and you should be compensated by the person or entity that caused your ordeal. Once we gather the evidence to support your case, we use our structured data to provide numbers consistent with your monetary needs.

While many law firms rely on one attorney’s impressions and experiences to come up with a settlement offer or damages award, we present logical documentation to get you exceptional results. Schedule a free consultation to learn how a West Palm Beach burn injury lawyer could help with your case.