Riding a bike can be fun, good for your health, and a great way to spend the day with your family. But it can also be dangerous. Bicyclists have no protection from motor vehicles and are therefore extremely exposed, both figuratively and literally. If you were injured in a bike accident, you should consider speaking to an attorney before you do anything else to protect your rights.

Why should I hire a Juno Beach bicycle accident lawyer?

Juno Beach, Florida is a small town of about 3,700 people in Palm Beach County and is more widely known for being the home of Florida Power and Light, commonly referred to as FPL). Juno Beach is also famous for being the annual migration destination of sea turtles where they lay eggs on the sandy shores.

A lawyer the lives and practices near the area can bring tremendous value to your bicycle accident case by knowing the local authorities and sites. Bicycle accidents can result in devastating injuries as riders are extremely vulnerable when traveling and riding at higher speeds. The ever-rising health care costs make it vital that you hire a lawyer that can provide you with every advantage available.

A local lawyer will know the investigating police agency and they will know the scene of the accident(local businesses and condominiums with surveillance videos). This knowledge and experience is not only essential but can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

Who investigates bicycle accidents in Juno Beach?

In Juno Beach, if you were just in a bicycle accident, it will typically be investigated by the Juno Beach Police Department, which is located at 340 Ocean Dr., Juno Beach, FL 33408, and their non-emergency number is (561) 626-2100. The Juno Beach police department has approximately 16 police officers in the department.

When the Juno Beach PD arrives on the scene they will canvass the area for witnesses, take photographs of the scene, and interview any involved parties. In some cases, the Florida Highway Patrol or Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office may also be involved in the investigation. The police will use the information gathered to determine the cause of the accident and if any laws were broken.

Depending on the type of law that was broken the at-fault party will face two possibilities.

  1. Non-criminal Violation – this means the at-fault party broke a law that is punishable by a monetary fine
  2. Criminal Violation – this means the at-fault party broke a law that is punishable by incarceration

In a non-criminal violation, the police will issue the at-fault party a traffic ticket that the person must either pay or appear at traffic court.  In a criminal violation, the police will either issue a Notice to Appear or arrest the person.

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Police reports can be obtained from is usually public records and can be obtained from the Administrative Services Division of the Juno Beach Police Department. A knowledgeable Juno Beach lawyer will know the roles of the parties involved in your bicycle accident and will make the process move forward quicker and smoother.

Where can you get your bicycle repaired or replaced in Juno Beach?

If you were in a bicycle accident in Juno Beach you can get your bicycle repaired or replaced in Juno Beach, Florida. There are a couple of options available to you.

  1. Bikes Palm Beach is located at 13975 US-1, Juno Beach, FL 33408, and can be contacted at (561)627-2453.  Bikes Palm Beach offers bike repairs, service, and maintenance for all bike types. No appointment is necessary, and most services are completed within 24 hours.
  2. Pedego Electric Bikes is located at 13896 US-1, Juno Beach, FL 33408, and can be contacted at (561)701-2100. It is an available option for electric bike repair and service.

There are additional options including Bike Boutique in Palm Beach Gardens and J-Town Bike in Jupiter which are just down the road from Juno Beach.

No matter which bike repair or replacement option you choose in Juno Beach or elsewhere, do your owner research and read reviews before committing to a service provider.

Before you get rid of or repair your damaged bicycle discuss it with your Juno Beach bicycle lawyer first. The lawyer may want to preserve the evidence for your case.  Once you discard or repair your bicycle evidence will be forever lost. Once your bicycle repair or replacements are made save any receipts.

Your lawyer may be able to recover money for the property damage to your bicycle.  After your bicycle accident, but before you handle these matters on your own discuss your case with a bicycle accident attorney so that you are provided with proper advice.

Can you meet up for group bicycle rides in Juno Beach?

Yes, you can meet up for group bicycle rides in Juno Beach, Florida! Bikes Palm Beach offers Saturday morning group rides, starting at 7am, along Jupiter Island, to Hobe Sound Beach, and back to the shop for a total of 30 miles. The pace of the ride is beginner-friendly, with a maximum speed of 20mph. This group has over 300 members and you can join it on Strava. However, if you plan on joining these rides in the winter before sunrise, be certain you and your bicycle are equipped with the proper lights and reflectors.

There are additional riding groups around the Juno Beach area as well. For more group riding excursions, you can join the local bike shops and orgs in the area, such as Jupiter Cycling and Loggerhead Fitness. You can also join local groups in North Palm Beach, such as Cycling Juno Beach, to connect with other people who share your interests and participate in online or in-person events. Additionally, the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department organizes group bike rides throughout the county.

No matter which group riding excursion you choose, it’s important to remember that bicycle riding can be a dangerous sport. Make sure you know the bicycle laws so that you can cycle safely. Be sure to wear a helmet and practice safe defensive riding.

What are the local parks/areas in Juno Beach that are popular for bike riding in Juno Beach?

Juno Beach, Florida is a great destination for bike riding. Some of the most popular parks and areas for bike riding in the Juno Beach area include the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Pelican Lake Park Path, Bert Winters Park, Juno Dunes South Loop, and by the Juno Beach Park.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is a great starting point for bike rides, as it offers a wide variety of trails and pathways to explore. The Loggerhead Marine Life Center is right by the Juno Beach Park, which is a great spot for beachgoers, as it offers plenty of accessible parking spots, restrooms, and a bike lane along the beautiful, oceanfront scenic A1A highway. Pelican Lake is a great spot to take a picturesque ride alongside the ocean and the Indian River, while Bert Winters Park is a great spot for cyclists, triathletes, and beachgoers.

Juno Dunes South Loop and Pelican Lake Park Path are also popular spots for bike riders. Juno Beach Park is also a great spot for cyclists, as it provides plenty of paved roads for cycling.

No matter which park or area you choose, it’s important to remember that bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport and that you are responsible for your own safety and fitness. Be sure to wear a helmet and practice safe defensive riding.

If you or a loved one were injured in a Juno Beach bike accident, consider speaking to us at KMW to see what your options are. We can be reached at (561) 295-5825.