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A Quick Guide to Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month left the Supreme Court with one seat open as the nation draws closely upon the November presidential election. President Donald Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett, his third nominee to the high court, and a final confirmation vote is expected to take place Monday, October 26. This season is full of key political figures for the nation to watch, so to help readers get updated on their information, we have provided a quick guide to help you get to know Judge Barrett. WHAT IS THE SUPREME COURT? The Supreme Court is basically the highest court of our nation. This is the last stop for laws and the final say for any related decisions. It is made up of eight associate justices and one chief justice. All justices are nominated by a serving President of the United States. If you get a seat on the Supreme Court, you hold that position for the rest of your life. To date, the justices have been nearly equally representing both parties as they were nominated from various Presidents representing either political party. The Supreme Court Historical Society explains the history of the courts in this way: More...