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Types of Damages in a Medical Malpractice Case

If you’ve suffered harm due to medical malpractice and you’re filing a lawsuit, the reason will be to recover the damages you’ve incurred. This is a legal term for financial losses. There are economic damages in a medical malpractice case, such as the money you’ve lost from work and your medical bills. There are also non-economic damages, which are more subjective. These include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and others. The following is a closer look at some of the specific damages you may be able to recover by taking legal action. The law firm of Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh has a team of attorneys who have a deep knowledge of medical malpractice and will work to make sure you obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve.  Schedule a free evaluation of your case by contacting us online or calling (561) 295-5825.  Past and Future Medical Bills You’ve no doubt already started to see the medical bills pile up, of course. They’re coming in so fast that you might be feeling a sense of panic since you might not have any idea how they’re going to get paid. We see this a lot, whether we’re representing clients hurt by...

Overview of Florida Medical Malpractice

When you need medical help, whether it’s because you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident or for any other reason, you don’t expect anyone involved in your care to make a mistake that winds up making things even worse. Unfortunately, medical malpractice occurs far more often than you might think in Florida and across the US. If you’ve suffered harm, or you’ve tragically lost a loved one due to medical malpractice, talk to an attorney with Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh as soon as you can. We have years of experience in these kinds of cases, and we get results on behalf of our clients. You can contact us online for a free consultation, or you can give us a call at (561) 295-5825. Medical Malpractice Statistics in the US It’s not at all uncommon for someone to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. In fact, there are about 85,000 such lawsuits in the U.S. every year. About 20% of adults in our country say they’ve been affected personally by a medical mistake, while about 30% say someone close to them suffered harm due to medical negligence. Between 2010-2019, medical malpractice victims received more than $40 billion in payouts. Florida was among...