January 27th, 2023

Our client’s husband worked for the Marriott corporation for years. Because of this, he had a life insurance policy through his job. When he died in a car crash, the client made a claim for death benefits.

The insurance company only offered her a portion of the benefits she deserved, telling her that was all the policy allowed.

After several times going back and forth with the national lawyers for Marriott out of Washington DC, the insurer relented and admitted she was entitled to more than they originally said.

This was much-needed money for the client and her children who no longer have their father.

A loved one dying is one of the worst things that can happen to a family. But it is only made worse when an insurance company puts your through red tape, lies, and tries to get out of paying what they owe. We are happy we were able to help her get what she deserved.

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