Premises Liability – $302,500

The attorneys at Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh recently recovered for a mother whose adult son was tragically electrocuted while at work.  KMW client J.D. was constructing a wedding reception tent when electricity from a power line traveled through the metal tent frame.  Client J.D. suffered the agony of the electrocution and was left unresponsive at the scene.  J.D. never regained consciousness and has survived with only life support measures since.

Unfortunately, electrocution incidents typically result in significant damages and even death.  The laws in Florida are designed to protect property owners and businesses rather than injured individuals.  Families turn to the attorneys of KMW because of their experience navigating the complicated legal issues that arise following such traumatic events.

KMW is proficient in many different practice areas including personal injury and worker’s compensation.  KMW has so far won critical legal battles and reached a favorable, confidential settlement with the at-fault property owner.  J.D.’s family can now rely on KMW’s experienced worker’s compensation attorney Ara Gechijian to ensure that J.D. has the compassionate care he needs for the rest of his life.

Practice Areas(s):

Workers Comp/Premise Liability