Auto Accident – $750,000

The attorneys at Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh confront an insurer’s claim delay head-on to force a $750,000 settlement for a deserving client.

Client JH was stopped in traffic when she was violently rear-ended by an at-fault driver who was operating his company’s large pickup truck.  The impact was enormous and client JH felt her injuries immediately.  When conservative medical care failed, client JH was forced to undergo two surgical procedures to heal her injuries from the crash.

Client JH’s case was clear: the other driver was at fault; the impact was significant; client JH suffered immediate, life-changing injuries; client JH sustained significant damages in the form of high medical bills.  When the insurance company for the at-fault driver was asked to do the right thing, the insurer stalled.  The insurance company did not offer client JH even a single penny to resolve her claim.

KMW attorneys Chris Keller and Chris Kellam pursued a lawsuit on behalf of client JH.  While the civil justice system can take time, the attorneys at KMW will aggressively pursue the fastest route through the litigation process.  The at-fault driver even went so far as to avoid being served with the Complaint; he and his insurance company teamed up to avoid all responsibility for the harm he caused.  After an aggressive pursuit, the insurance company relented and paid a fair value to resolve client JH’s claim.

In many cases the facts are clear but insurance companies will still push back.  Insurers delay claims by repeatedly asking for more documentation even when they have sufficient information to treat an injured party fairly.  This is an insurance company tactic and their only goal is to delay, delay, delay.  KMW attorneys have the experience to beat insurers at their own game.  This results in fair outcomes for KMW clients.

If the insurance company is delaying the fair resolution of your claim, contact the attorneys at Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh.

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