After a car accident, it’s not unusual for the liable parties to take extraordinary measures to avoid their financial obligations. At KMW Legal, we understand how shocking it can be to learn that the at-fault driver has lied to their insurance company. However, our experienced team is well-prepared for such scenarios.

KMW Legal: Ready to Support Your Claim with Powerful Evidence

Our approach at KMW Legal involves meticulously gathering and presenting compelling evidence to the insurance company and, if necessary, the court. We are committed to ensuring that the at-fault driver is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Our experience shows that liable parties often prioritize their interests, sometimes going to the extent of making false claims or misrepresenting facts.

Understanding the Tactics of Liable Parties

It’s common to feel devastated when you hear that the at-fault driver lied to their insurance company. You might worry that the insurance company will believe the driver over you. However, it’s important to remember that such behavior is not uncommon. We have seen cases where at-fault parties have lied in police reports and to insurance companies or even blamed the victims for the accident.

With Florida being a no-fault state, the likelihood of such deception increases, as the liable party may be trying to avoid a subrogation claim from the insurer. Remember, if someone else is responsible for causing your injuries, you have the right to full compensation.

Proving the At-Fault Driver’s Responsibility

Your Jupiter car accident attorney at KMW Legal is prepared to challenge the lies and unfounded accusations of shared liability from the at-fault driver. A critical part of our job is to investigate the cause of the accident and gather supporting evidence. This includes obtaining traffic and dashcam footage, witness testimonies, accident reconstruction reports, police reports, and more.

Dealing with Insurance Companies and Beyond

In Florida’s no-fault insurance system, you’ll initially file a claim against your auto insurance policy. The coverage you have dictates how much compensation you can receive. If the liable party lies about the accident, we anticipate pushback from the insurance company and are prepared to address it. We ensure that the insurer has access to the necessary evidence to determine liability. If the insurance company fails to recognize the evidence or acts in bad faith, we are ready to take additional legal action.

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When you’re facing the challenge of dealing with an at-fault party who has lied to the insurance company, it’s crucial to have a skilled legal team on your side. KMW Legal in Jupiter is well-equipped to counter the defendant’s claims with strong evidence, ensuring you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

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