There are many lawyers that claim to be the the best at what they do.  As a consumer, how do you know who is the best?  Especially, if you’ve never been in a situation where you’ve never needed an attorney before.  The truth is, there are a lot of successful and very good car accident lawyers.  You should want a car accident lawyer who believes they are one of the best.  Our justice system is an adversarial system the pits one side against the other.  The opposing sides wants you to lose because it means they will win.  You should want a lawyer who wants to win and believes they are going to win your case.  Hiring the best attorney for your car accident can maximize the results and recovery for your case.

One of the first things to consider when looking to hire the best car accident lawyer for you is to find out if the lawyer is a trial lawyer.  Do they litigate cases and take cases to trial?  There are many car accident lawyers that handle car accident cases, but they will not litigate case and they do not do jury trials.  This means they settle cases pre-suit and a lawsuit is never filed.  They never step foot in a courtroom.  When and if a lawsuit has to be filed the car accident lawyer will refer the case to another lawyer who will handle the case inside the courtroom and take the case to trial.  It is important to know if your lawyer files lawsuits regularly and has jury trial experience.  Insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line.  They know the car accident lawyers who regularly file lawsuits and the car accident lawyers who will push cases to a jury trial if necessary.  Likewise they know the car accident lawyers who are only paper pushers and do not go to court to litigate cases.  The insurance companies tend to offer less money to the lawyers that they believe will not file a lawsuit.  In may instances, the only way to get an insurance company to compensate you fairly after your car accident is to file a lawsuit.  Ask your attorney how frequently they file lawsuits, go to court, and have trials.  It can only help your case when your attorney is well known by the Judges and the local defense attorneys.

Another aspect to consider is the experience of you car accident lawyer.  Have they handled these types of cases before?  How frequently to they handle your type of case?  It is referred to as the practice of law and with practice makes perfect.  When you want the best lawyer for your case you should want a lawyer who has handled your type of case before.  While it is true that each and every case is unique and has its own facts, there are common issues that frequently arise in certain types of cases.  You want your lawyer to be well versed in these issues that tend to arise.

Customer service is a very important to consider when deciding who is the best car accident lawyer for you.  We know the agony, stress, and anxiety that a car accident can cause.  When you have questions about your case or situation, you need to be able to get into contact with you attorney.  One of the most frequent complaints of any lawyer from a client is the inability to contact their attorney.  How are the lawyer reviews from clients?  There is no better judge of a lawyer’s promptness to return calls and e-mails than what their former clients say.  Does the car accident lawyer have a way for their clients to contact them?  For example, at Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh we have a client portal.  We recognize that clients are busy with their own lives with work and family matters.  Our client portal allows clients to easily contact their attorney, upload documents for their attorney to review, and allows the attorney to send documents and files for the client to review at their convenience.  People do not have the time nor ability to frequently take time off work and meet with their attorney when the attorney is available.  Our goal is to make the life of our client easier, not to complicate and make it more difficult after they are the victim of a car accident.

In determining the best car accident attorney for you, look at similar results.  As discussed above each and every car accident case is different.  However, you should be able to see results of cases that your car accident lawyer regularly handles.

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