When a person is arrested for a DUI their best tool is a DUI defense lawyer.  The question becomes, should they hire a private DUI defense lawyer or just go with the Public Defender.

There are a few things that you should know before you decide to go with a Public Defender.  First, the Public Defenders that handle DUI cases are lawyers fresh out of law school and have minimal experience in the court system and minimal experience handling DUI cases.  DUI cases are extremely technical and the more experience your lawyer has handling DUI cases the more prepared and equipped he will be to handle your DUI case.  There some Public Defenders that are very good lawyers and there are some that leave a lot to be desired.  However, the problem all Public Defenders have is that they are overwhelmed with cases.  Some Public Defenders ave more than 200 cases.  It is very difficult to handle every case effectively when you have that many cases regardless of how good of an attorney you are.  This is why Public Defender clients frequently complain that they never talk to their attorney.

A private DUI lawyer does cost money, but they will generally have more experience handling DUI cases.  Private attorneys will not take on every attorney that walks through the door.  Meaning they will not have an overwhelming case load.  At Keller, Melchiorre and Walsh we have lower case loads by design.  This allows us to focus on the needs of the client and to thoroughly review all the potential options and defense strategies on a DUI case.  Many private attorneys are former prosecutors who have litigated DUI cases and know who the system works.  This can provide a fundamental advantage in the handling of your case.  Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh have three former prosecutors who have all handled thousands of DUI cases.  One of our attorneys was the supervisor of all DUI prosecutions in Palm Beach County.  Read more about why you should hire a DUI lawyer for your case.

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