The joy of being a homeowner is something many people hold dear to them when they reflect on the accomplishments of their lives. However, that joy does not come without its own set of challenges. As a homeowner, you take on the responsibility of not just obtaining the dream home but also protecting it. Sometimes, the protection your home needs is the type of protection that can only be found in the form of insurance. Insuring your home against potential threats can be tricky, and insurance companies are prone to make calls that benefit their own agenda. That’s why we are proud to announce the offices of Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh now specialize in property damage claims. We are here to help you get the most out of the protection you purchased for your dream home.

Did You Know KMW Handles First Party Property Cases?  

Attorney Lindsay Karten joined our team in October 2019 and focuses her practice on first party property cases.  With several years of experience defending insurance companies, Ms. Karten is able to use that prior knowledge to anticipate the moves and tactics employed by the insurers. This type of defense proves to be valuable and effective when defending property claims. Our firm has the experience and relationships to handle your case from start to finish, especially when it comes to first party property cases.

What is a First Party Property Case?  

This type of case involves you versus your insurance company. Your insurance policy is a contract, and there are consequences when a party does not follow the guidelines of that official agreement. When you submit a claim and your insurance company denies it or only partially pays what they are supposed to cover, they are in breach of that contract. You can file a lawsuit for breach of contract to make sure you get exactly what you are owed for your property damage. Your first and best line of defense is to read through your entire policy to understand what you are owed. The language can be daunting and the document can be lengthy, so hiring an attorney to take care of this process is a wise decision. Do not let this process intimidate you because it is actually very common for homeowners to submit an insurance claim for a property case. There is a small chance that every homeowner will have to submit some kind of insurance claim at least once a year, and this definitely holds true for the weather we experience here in Florida.

What are the Different Types of Property Damage Cases?  

Property damage can include, but is not limited to, hurricane damage, water damage, cast iron pipe leaking, and roof damage. When it comes to obtaining insurance for your home, it is crucial that you consider your state and region. Some areas are more prone to things like hurricanes, floods, and sinkholes. Fortunately, we do not have to worry about damage due to freezing in Florida, but we do have a higher chance of wind and tropical storm damage. Property damage can also include damage done to the home due to a robbery or riot, falling objects, lightning, or electrical surges.

When you are in the homebuying process, take the time to ask trusted professionals about your neighborhood and your potential yard. What might look innocent on a beautifully sunny day could turn into a nightmare in the middle of a week of rain. Consider the quality of the soil, the foundation of the house in regard to the land, any odd angles of the house that might cave with long-term land erosion, and any nearby bodies of water. If you have a basement, identify any spots that might lend themselves to pooling or flooding.

What Do I Pay My Attorney?  

We function on a contingency fee agreement. In other words, we get paid a sum of money only if your case is won. Ideally, you would not have to pay anything out of pocket to us.

Generally speaking, we would start the process by reviewing your insurance policy and identifying the coverage you are owed. Then, we would take the insurance company to court for that amount, whether it is the full amount they are refusing or whatever remainder they are refusing after only paying partial coverage. Though these cases are familiar to us, we will treat yours individually and value the time we spend fighting for you.

As a system of accountability with the contingency fee agreement, let this bring you assurance that we are going to fight as hard for you and your family as we would for ourselves and our own families. Contact us today for a free strategy session and let us help you get started on the right path to securing your property damage claim.