If you’ve been in a car accident, you’re going to need solid evidence in order to have the best chance of obtaining maximum compensation. Much of this proof can be uncovered by hiring an attorney as soon as possible to conduct a thorough investigation. But there’s another type of evidence that can be just as compelling in a car accident case — the testimony of an expert witness.

At Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh, our automobile accident attorneys have years of experience uncovering the proof necessary to make our clients’ cases as strong as they can possibly be. We also have strong relationships that allow us to bring in an expert witness for your car accident injury. In many instances, they’ve been incredibly important to helping our firm deliver positive results for the people we represent.

The following is a look at five of the most important types of witnesses in a case involving a car wreck.

1. Accident Reconstruction Expert

This is a skilled professional (like all the others on this list) who specializes in taking tangible information involving an accident (photos of vehicular damage, witness statements, the police report, etc.) to put all the pieces together. Accident reconstruction experts paint a picture, in a manner of speaking, of why the wreck occurred.

These experts will often have extremely impressive backgrounds in areas such as engineering and science. Some of them were once police officers who investigated serious accidents on a regular basis. They can look at the accident scene from many angles. And provide well-informed opinions on different issues that contributed to the collision. These can include whether or not the at-fault driver was speeding, or a part malfunction played a role. By looking at all the evidence, an accident reconstruction expert may even be able to tell if the at-fault driver was distracted.

2. Medical Expert

Victims who have been severely hurt in an automobile accident will obviously face a mountain of medical bills that will quickly pile up. But just because this is happening to you, don’t expect the other driver’s insurance company to feel sorry for you, and offer you a ton of money. Actually, they’ll do just the opposite. They might claim, for instance, that the doctor providing your treatment is exaggerating the seriousness of your injury.

This is where medical experts can prove to be invaluable. They are doctors (or other types of medical professionals) themselves, and they can testify as to the accuracy of the bills you’ve received. Not only that, they can also provide jury members a clear idea of how much you’ll have to pay for extended treatment in the future.

3. Mental Health Expert

Any sort of automobile wreck is obviously traumatic from a mental perspective as well. Many people involved in these accidents – either with other cars, with bicyclists or pedestrians, or with huge commercial trucks – often see their psychological well-being damaged for years afterward.

A mental health professional can make the intangible tangible. In other words, they can show exactly how you’ve been emotionally affected by the accident. And that you deserve compensation for the mental care you’ll need. This type of expert can also prove that you were completely fine before the accident, and that the problems you’re now experiencing are due to the negligence of those responsible.

4. Economists

A permanent injury will, unfortunately, typically make it impossible for the victim to work. At least not in the same position they previously held. It’s not that difficult for an attorney to prove how much that victim is losing as a result. They typically just need to show pay stubs.

Proving how much that victim will likely lose in the future, however, is a completely different matter. That’s where an economist can be a huge help. This expert can detail every aspect of a victim’s financial losses. Not only their current lost wages, but also future lost earning capacity.

Suppose the victim is a teenager attending college who was delivering a pizza at the time of the accident. They were so severely injured that they can’t go to college any longer. An economist can calculate what that teenager would have likely made after graduating. Not just the wages they were making in their delivery job. They can also testify regarding the expected number of years that teen would have worked. And the money they would have made.

5. Highway Safety Expert

You might have been injured while on vacation, because a careless motorist was driving way too fast during a Florida thunderstorm. Highway safety experts are usually engineers who have a deep understanding of highways and other types of roads. They know all of the rules regarding road safety. And they also know how road conditions can contribute to an accident.

These experts are particularly valuable in a truck accident case. They have such an extensive knowledge of federal trucking safety regulations. So they can show how a truck driver or trucking company broke those rules, causing an accident as a result.

KMW is Here to Help You After Your Auto Accident

Unless you have your own database to pull an expert witness, and you know how to conduct your own investigation into a car accident, you’re going to need the help of a skilled, experienced car accident attorney. Quite simply, it will be your only chance of getting the money you deserve for the suffering you’ve been forced to endure.

Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh attorneys are ready to provide the legal representation you need. We’ll negotiate with the negligent driver’s insurance company on your behalf in an effort to procure a fair settlement. But if that offer isn’t forthcoming, we’ll be ready to take the matter to court. And we’ll have a team of experts who will be ready to make incredibly compelling arguments.

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