If you or a loved one was just arrested for a DUI, they will be provided an arraignment following their release from jail.

The majority of crimes in the state of Florida are entitled to pretrial release.

As an insurance policyholder, you pay your premiums with the expectation that if you ever need to file a claim, the insurance company will cover the cost.

Attorneys Chris Keller, Rob Melchiorre and Paul Walsh each began their legal careers as Assistant State Attorneys.


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Overview of Florida Medical Malpractice

When you need medical help, whether it’s because you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident or for any other reason, you don’t expect anyone involved in your care to make a mistake that winds up making things even worse. Unfortunately,

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Nursing Home Abuse Overview

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6 Steps to Take After Property Damage

It’s obviously stressful to realize that you’ve suffered property damage. Whether the cause was a serious fire, a storm that led to water damage, or anything else, you might feel overwhelmed. But this is going to be a time for

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How Can a Property Damage Attorney Help Me?

Experiencing any sort of significant property damage is obviously a stressful situation. That stress rises even further when an insurance company denies a just claim. Whether you’ve been in a vehicle accident, a pipe burst in your home, or you

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